TV-SERIESBy using Atlassian JIRA (Core or Software) every day, I became crazy about “jiralyse” everything. As the product moves to be less and less linked to IT software development, it’s becoming easier and easier to use JIRA not only for workflows and customer relationship but also for data analyse.

However, I’m not the guy that love to be in “quiet and wild places to practice carp fishing”. I’m the sofa guy, seating in a warm and comfortable place and watching TV series. I could say with a slice of modesty that I become pretty good to evaluate the interest of a TV serie even if it’s still not visible in my resume. I will not pretend to be a reference but some of my customers, between two JIRA workflows customization, are asking me what series should they watch. I’ve to think hard about it for quite a long time to give them my list. That’s how I’ve got the idea to build a JIRA-based TV series watching system for the return of Game Of Thrones!

Set this up

I have to confess : this is not a big deal and I aimed to set it up in less than 30 minutes. I obviously created a TV series project (“Business Project” from JIRA Core) with two request types (season = task and episode = subtask) and I selected a standard workflowTo do > In Progress > Done“. I chose to configure the component field as the serie genres (thriller, aventure, action, comedy, etc.) because you could have several values for one single TV serie and to set only 3 custom fields for the issued data and the dashboard analysis (TV serie, season, broadcast date), which is my personal record of “non-using customfields everywhere in JIRA”.

This is how it looks like…

TVSerie - UpperScreen2

Using the status of the workflow, I could follow up my progress in the season and check the synopsis of the previous episode (subtask) with the description field. That’s pretty useful when you are watching several TV Series at the same time and you may sometimes feel confused to start over the next episode.

TVSerie - EpisodeScreen

Step back a minute

Before making statistics and setting dashboard, you have to ask yourself what do you want to follow-up in JIRA. Here is some of these questions :

  • When the next episode will be available for watching?
  • When my favorite season will be broadcast?
  • How many episode i’ve already watched for this season?
  • What genre of series i used to watch?

Here is some of my indicators that I’ve build using a JIRA dashboard :

Group by Genres

TVSerie - Gender Dashboard

Calendar using Broadcast Date (customfield)

TVSerie - Broadcast Dashboard

Group by Serie

TVSerie - ProgressSeason Dashboard

Sort by Broadcast date (customfield)

TVSerie - BroadcastSeason Dashboard

Going forward

Just one more idea: we could also improve the workflow by creating a “waiting to be released” status before the “to do” status. If you still reading this post, I could bet you are a true TV serie watcher… and obviously, you know the frustration about waiting one week (or more) for the next episode. That’s why I developed a tactical approach to manage my own touchiness: I planed to watch a season the week before the broadcast of the last episode with 2 episodes per day and ending perfectly with the last episode just released.

How to manage it using JIRA? That’s quite simple :

  • Configure a filter looking for the chain of characters “last episode” in the summary field
  • Add an Issues Calendar gadget in my dashboard with the “last episode” filter like above
  • Export it in iCal format into my Google Calendar and set up the warning reminder one week before to be informed

Let’s be clear: it’s a very cool system, and I’m using it every week now, but it didn’t avoid the frustration about waiting for the next season…